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Sculptra, provides a naturally younger look by correcting the signs of facial ageing and gradually replenishing lost collagen

You've probably heard about Sculptra, which is amongst the most popular non-invasive cosmetic treatments around today. Due to the popularity of other Dermal Fillers and Botox, your exposure to this “wonder-treatment” may be limited. Here's a no nonsense guide to Sculptra.

What is it?

Sculptra, falling under the Dermal Filler category, is one of the newest and long lasting treatments. It is made from poly-L-lactic acid, which although synthetic is not harmful to the body and has a long history for its safety in the medical field, including threads for stitches following surgery. The FDA approved Sculptra for cosmetic purposes in 2009, but has been used in Europe since 2009, under the name New-Fill.

What does it treat?

Sculptra works by correcting wrinkles and folds, especially deep and fine ones that run from your nose to the lip (nasolabial lines), the lip to the chin (marionette lines) and ones that run vertically and horizontally on the forehead. This treatment is also used to plump up skin depressions caused by scars and minimizing their prominence.

Sounds great, but how does it work?

Sculptra's main function is the stimulation of collagen (a protein that contributes to the volume of the skin and structure) production. This is essential as excessive exposure to the sun and age cause the collagen of your skin to break down, which is a major contributor towards the formation of wrinkles and folds. Once Sculptra restores the collagen, your skin's fullness and firmness returns, giving you a youthful appearance. It has been widely reported that some people get results with one treatment, while others may require 2-3 treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

What's the treatment like?

Sculptra, which comes in a powder form is mixed with sterile water and injected deep into the skin folds, sunken cheeks and other areas of the face that require smoothing and re-contouring. The treatment is conducted under topical anaesthetic and takes less than an hour. The number of treatments will depend on the amount of collagen loss to you facial skin. Generally a patient required 3-6 treatments for best results. Your cosmetic physician will advice you on this area prior to treating you.

Are there any side-effects?

Usual side effects following treatments are redness, swelling, itching and bruising at the injection site. Your physician will advise you to massage the area regularly for about a week to minimise the risk of developing small lumps under skin. It is reported that about 9% of patients experience lumps after treatment. However these lumps can also be treated, therefore ensure you stay in touch with your physician post-treatment so that help is at hand always.

How long do results last?

Although results may take a few weeks to appear, they will last for about 2 years. A second follow-up treatment will be required to maintain the results. Since Sculptra gives you results for a long time, it is imperative that you seek the services of a thoroughly trained and experienced cosmetic physician.

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