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You use the best creams for aging skin of the face; but do you take care of your aging hands? According to the head of Dermatological and Cosmetic Surgery department of Mount Sinai Medical Center in NYC, hands are really vulnerable to the aging signs and often age quicker than the face. The back of your hands has thin skin, which displays aging signs more prominently than the face.

The back of hands has less fat. So, even a slight decrease in collagen or elastin levels starts showing on the surface. Your hands are exposed to a number of tasks, chemicals, and of course, the sun. It's no surprise that they bear the maximum brunt of aging. Our neglect worsens the matter.

It's true that we take our hands for granted. People are so particular about their faces. Even a spot or line gives them a panic attack. How can we forget our hands? It's difficult to hide those bulging veins, wrinkly, crepe-like skin. No matter how meticulously you slather a wrinkle reducer cream on your face, you cannot hide your real age with wrinkled hands.

According to experts at Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists in NY, the degree of anti aging signs on your hands depends on the degree of their exposure to sun during your childhood and teens.

How to look younger

Stop reading this for a second and look at your hands. Are there dark spots or bulging veins? Does the skin look wrinkled? Are hands dry?

If yes, first of all, clean and moisturize them. File your nails and shape them nicely. Your hands will start looking better already. The next step is to choose a good hand cream to deal with anti aging signs.

Most women buy just any over-the-counter cream for their hands. It's time to put in a little more effort into choosing an effective and top-quality cream. Certain ingredients present in the best creams for aging skin can drastically transform the appearance of your hands.

These creams encourage the skin to produce new collagen. Once this happens, those ugly veins and lines disappear. With regular usage of cream and some solid care, your hands can become beautiful once again. And then they can match the beauty of your face!

So, if you've been ignoring your hands till now, this is the right time to start caring. Even if anti aging signs have not appeared yet, you must start using a gentle soap to wash your hands and a good moisturizer to keep them hydrated. Use gloves for doing the dishes, laundry, and other tasks that require contact with harsh detergents. Never let the skin of your hands get so dry that it cracks.

Just a 'handful' of care is enough to keep aging at bay! So the next time you click on the computer mouse to order the best creams for aging skin of your face, glance at the back of your hands. Are your hands beautiful?

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