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By the people come to their middle age they adopt a sedate lifestyle and prefer staying at home after work watching television or reading. But as we generally eat the same amount of food, this lack of exercise will lead to health problems due to weight gain within a short period of time. This is exactly the reason why middle aged people need to exercise on regular basis to stay healthy and fit and keep away health problems. A few tips here will help maintain baby boomer health through simple lifestyle habits without disrupting regular time schedule and also expand friends' circle which will ensure your social life is busy.

Walk to nearby locations: Since most middle aged people are always juggling time between job, home, children, social life it is difficult for them to take out extra time for regular exercise. The best option would be to walk as much as possible to places like local grocery store, friend's house and pick-up child from bus-stop which will ensure baby boomer fitness. If your locality allows dogs try to keep one and which will ensure you walk every night after dinner.


Cycle instead of driving: Adopting cycling as a transport option between short distances if roads are safe is a healthy habit which keeps limbs, heart, lungs and muscles supple in all ages. Get your friends and neighbors to cycle with you whenever possible so you don't feel bored and go on short camping and fishing trips on weekends. Take trips to local grocery or visit friends nearby on cycle which will be good for environment and your health too.

Keeping your brain agile – How do you think millionaires maintain a strong hold on their business even as octogenarians while you find it difficult to decipher children's puzzles at 50 years. That could be because you are not using those grey cells enough and are watching stuff on television which does not allow you to think. Play mind games like crossword and anagram puzzles on a daily basis with friends or children at home. Learn about historical areas in your neighborhood and work with like-minded groups to restore them.

Always maintain your weight and calorie level to stay healthy which will avoid lifestyle disease. If your family has a history of health issues like heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer, then it is advisable to take annual health checkups to avoid situation spiraling out of control.

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