How To Take Better Care Of Your Skin

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While we all know that aging is an inevitable part of life but we can certainly control as to how quickly and gracefully we age. There are numerous factors which contribute to aging which we are well aware of but their are some things which we regularly do in our life which surprisingly contribute to the aging mechanism. In this article we are going to discuss about some regular habits which in the long run can cut short our life.


While we are well aware of the fact that watching tv for long hours is not good for our eyes and our overall health but researchers have found that for every one hour you spend in front of time your lifespan gets shortened by up to 22 minutes and can also cause diseases like Alzheimer's and obesity.

Way Of Drinking Water

No we are not saying that drinking water is bad for you but how you drink it has a major impact. It has been found that it is best to drink water through a glass rather than straws and bottles as they trigger the same pursing action on the fine lines on skin as smoking a cigarette does. So in order to avoid wrinkles on the skin start drinking water from glass now onwards.

Excessive Exercise

We all know that regular exercise is essential to keep our self fit and healthy and it helps us in reducing chances of many diseases including Alzheimer's but excessive exercising can burn our body out and may lead to diseases like arthritis and stiffness in the joints.

Sugar Intake

While excessive sugar intake is bad for the waistline it also has some other harmful effects which are similar to smoking a cigarette. When blood sugar levels rise in the body a process called glycation occurs in the body which causes damage to the collagen resulting in sagging and wrinkles.


This factor is the inevitable one. Most of us are always under the burden of work pressure resulting in depression, lack of sleep and other things leading to heart diseases and cell aging. Hence it is important that whenever you get time off from work you should enjoy every little moment of it to rejuvenate yourself.

Use Of Soap

When we wash our face with a soap the acidic balance on the skin gets disturbed. Regular use of such chemical soaps washes the skin's natural acid mantle leading to dryness in the skin which is the first sign of developing wrinkles hence it is advisable to use natural herbal soaps as they do not have a chemical base.

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