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It is undeniable truth that youthful face and elegant appearance are key characteristics of a well-groomed personality. That is why a growing population of both males and females of all age groups is engaged in using different cosmetic products to achieve a glowing skin and better look. However, most of the products fail to bring the expected results. Furthermore, certain items lead to horrible consequences such as acne, irritation, allergy, and inflammation. Therefore, it is important to consult with an age management practitioner or dermatologist before using a product on your skin. These days minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and injectables are in practice. Fine wrinkles and lines can be treated with peels, wrinkle fillers and all sorts of lasers. Botox treatment is a great tonic for wrinkle removal. However, nothing, other than nonsurgical facelifts, has been effectively successful at lifting jowls, cheeks, and sagging neck skin.

Latest Procedure

Now there is a new procedure called Vampire or PRP facelift that claims to help dermatologists and plastic surgeons perform non-invasive brow and facelift. This nonsurgical facelift has successfully been practiced for the past two decades with effective results to accelerate the healing of burnt skin and wounds, and help athletes achieve fact recovery from injury.

PRP Facelift

The vampire facial, or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) facelift, is a non surgical, safe and non-invasive cosmetic procedure that involves extracting a sample of patient's blood from his / her body (usually arm) and spinning it in a centrifuge to get the plasma – the viscous matter – separate from the white and red blood cells. The concentrated plasma which is enriched with platelets, necessary proteins and growth factors is injected into the face. The recommended dosage of this nonsurgical facelift is 3 sessions with 1 session in a month, and then once a year for proper maintenance.


Simply put, PRP is a concentration of a patient's own blood platelets that are rich in bioactive proteins and growth factors to stimulate cell regeneration and healing. Doctors recommend PRP or vampire facelift to achieve a better and toned look. If you or any of your loved one is worried about it's increasingly sagging skin and seeking an affordable and effective cosmetic procedure to achieve a well-toned and improved facial skin, get an expert advice from Dr. Ayesha Akbar by placing an appointment at (815) 277-5229. She is professional Internist and Endocrinologist with specialization in Age Management Medicine who has been practicing PRP NonSurgical Facelift for the past several years with awesome results.

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