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Wrinkles and sagging skin are part of the natural life cycle. But it is part of our human nature to seek ways to look young for as long as possible, and hence the constant search for the best anti-aging solution. There are many methods available ranging from the expensive cosmetic procedures to the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) facial exercises. But when affordability, easy of use and convenience are the top considerations, wrinkle cream is still the most popular choice.

This is also where the problem starts. How do you know which is the best wrinkle cream? The fastest way is to look for best wrinkles cream reviews. But how do you know the information can be trusted? Below are a few tips for identifying the best wrinkle cream that is worth your time, money and effort.

In looking for best wrinkle cream reviews on line, some people suggest focusing on reviews or testimonials by dermatologists and celebrities. I tend to disagree with this point because they are usually paid to endorse the product unless otherwise stated.

For dermatologist, even if they have flawless skin does not mean that wrinkle cream should get the credit for it. Remember, they are the skin experts. Surely they know more tips and tricks that the general mass when skin care is concern.

What about celebrities? As you know celebrities need to make frequent public appearances. They are aware that their looks sell, so they must always look young, fresh and radiant. With a busy schedule, it makes sense to them to hire personal beautician to take of their face and skin since money is not a problem at all.

So should dermatologists and celebrities endorsements and testimonial be disregarded? Not by a long shot. Instead examine the wrinkle cream reviews in totality using the following points as guidelines when you search for the best wrinkle cream.

Ingredients – It is important to determine the list of ingredients inside the cream and the formulation process. The lesser the processing the better it is to reap the most benefits from the cream.

Price Range – There is a saying that goes, everything comes with a price. The quality stuff is definitely more expensive. This is true but a high price tag does not equate to quality. To understand whether hefty price tag equal to quality, first, ask yourself: Do you see the product or brand being advertised aggressively in media? A heavily marketed product will be more expensive since the advertising cost is passed back to the consumers through the cost of the product.

Remember it is the ingredients that will eliminate the wrinkles not marketing. So if all else being equal, I would prefer to give the less marketed wrinkle cream a test drive over the other.

Suitability – Let's face it, it is impossible to formulate a cream for everyone. The best wrinkle cream for you may not suit others. As a quick test, apply a small amount on your inner arm and watch for skin irritation. If your skin does not react badly to it, there is a good chance that it won't cause any adversely reaction when apply on the face.

Endorsements and Testimonials – On top of endorsement by dermatologists and celebrities, look for testimonials from people like you and me. Some sites allow users to provide their feedback on the product after use. Look at the positive and negative reviews to get the real and complete picture.

Armed with these 4 points, you are a smarter shopper now and you have better chance of identifying the best wrinkle cream that suit you.

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