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A gold standard tool is yet to be created to assess ageing process at an individual level. Extensive research is required to clarify the biology of ageing. Due to its complexity, ageing cannot be dealt with traditional methods. An amalgamation of physics and biology is the tool to assess, monitor and defeat ageing.


It is a physiological process that involves a multitude of underlying mechanisms governing basic functions, which can affect physiological, cognitive, physical, immune and endocrine ones. This is a deteriorative process, and everyone strives to fight against ageing. It is a very complex process under heavy research as it is soon becoming the need of the hour.

The biology

Ageing and its associated diseases are interlinked and often difficult to differentiate from each other. The specific biomarker for ageing alone, is not yet well established.

Gene network stability

Analysis of the gene network stability is a very important part of the research on ageing. Some of the most common species of gene network were found to be highly unstable and this was the cause for ageing. According to this, the stability depends on genome size, DNA repair rate and proteome turnover. The lifespan of an individual can be tweaked by hacking one of these parameters. These hypothesis are from the evidence gathered by long term observations or clinical trials often carried out on laboratory animals. But the difference between humans and lab animals is that mortality rate increases significantly with aging as a normal physiological process.

The physics

For therapeutic intervention of ageing, data analysis methods have to be implied. It is very multi dimensional and so new methods in mathematics have to be developed to analyze this data. This fitting use of physics in the therapeutic intervention of ageing has caused remarkable advances. In the latest innovations, statistical physics is used to analyze gene network stability. These data have been developed as a result of innumerous trials, but will create a milestone in the intervention of ageing and significantly extend life span. Learn more about this approach to aging research here Gero.com.

The effective use of physics with biology to create vital milestones in the ageing phenomena would be a definite ground breaking victory. It will make interventions in ageing a practicality that is highly innovative and one of its kind in this field. The quest for living longer, for a healthy lifespan will ultimately be met through this convergence.

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