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There are around seventy diseases that can be treated under stem cell therapies such as-

Liver damage (cirrhosis): In cirrhosis of liver, scars appear in the liver which creates obstacles in proper functioning of the liver such as blood purification, sugar storage, food digestion, etc. It happens due to excessive alcohol intake or chronic hepatitis or may be due to any infection or any harmful chemical side effect, etc. Stem cell treatment includes regeneration of the kind of cells that can repair the damaged cells of the liver. This drug free treatment procedure needs 4 to 5 days of medical procedure.

Diabetes mellitus: It is commonly known as diabetes, a disease which affects around 6-7 % of the total world adult population and the most unfortunate thing is its increasing order, so it becomes a major concern for WHO. Diabetes includes mainly two major types i.e. hyperglycemia or high blood sugar and hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, that can affect heart, kidney, eye and nerve cells. Under stem cell treatment the patient has to undergo blood test in the clinic, than from the bone marrow when stem cells will be processed in the laboratory it will be injected into pancreatic artery. This treatment procedure creates new hopes for a better future.

Cardiovascular diseases: Heart that pumps blood to all the organs of the body may fail due to lack of blood supply, which is known as Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). CHD is a life threatening disease with the most common symptom of angina or chest pain shortness of breath and fatigue. Stem cell heart treatment includes repairing the heart muscle so that blood flow can be increased. The developed stem cells that can repair the damaged heart tissue get implanted through a 90 min. angiograph procedure in the stem cell treatment center. This drug free treatment procedure shows very good result.

Stem cell therapies include certain positive solutions for cosmetic treatment also. It can change a wrinkled face into a charming younger looking face without changing any characteristic of the original face. It is considered as the most natural way of treatment. The treatment also lasts longer as it treats from inside.

Stem cell is still a best subject for research as it involves maximum possibility, it is also believed that in the coming 10-20 years of time it will have achieved most success against today's major life threatening diseases as well as in the field of cosmetic treatment such as natural hair formation for baldness, dentistry problems and more over sensory organ related problems, etc. stem cell therapy India is also gaining maximum success.

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