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Whether we are 16 or 60, our skin is in a fierce battle to stay young, healthy and clear. With enemies such as stress, ultra-violet rays and pollution, the odds can be loaded against people's complexions. Managing daily stress and still looking extremely beautiful and lady like is a serious task that requires proper care, time and effort. From regular facials to maintaining daily diet, we do everything to look young and vivacious but with time our skin needs extra care and that is where anti-wrinkles creams come into the rescue.

Out of many products, LifeCell is a brand that is designed to promote complete skin care and offers anti-wrinkle creams. Read below about the product and company to find out whether this brand provides the kind of support needed to reduce wrinkles.

LifeCell contains some good anti-aging ingredients such as D3PA, Deanol, Acetyl Hexapeptide 3, Ubiquinone and Nitric Oxide. These ingredients are combined to address a number of problems that cause skin to age. The formula of the cream promises to brighten skin tone, diminish puffiness under the eyes, plump the lips, reduce visible broken capillaries and hydrates skin deeply. The anti-oxidant called Ubiquinone is present in the site and is particularly used for fighting free radicals in the body and prevents any type of future damage.

Some advantages and drawbacks of the brand are:


  • It contains some anti-aging ingredients that are prove to work
  • It is provided at a 120-day money back guarantee
  • It works on different skin-aging issues, which makes it a complete package
  • A number of free gifts are provided while buying the product


  • Over expensive
  • The website and product information present about the product is over-exaggerated and contains questionable information
  • Full ingredient list is not provided
  • It is not developed by a qualified dermatologist or skin care specialist
  • No cream is more or equally effective as Botox, something that is claimed by manufacturers of this product
  • The brand and manufacturers of this product have numerous product complains filed against them

The Bottom Line

The product can act as a boon or ban for skin care. Make sure to consult your dermatologist before buying LifeCell anti-wrinkle cream. You may also search the web to find out user reviews about the product and its rating by beauty experts. Skin is the most complicated sense organ, hence, it is important to take good care of it and apply products that are safe and dermatologically tested.

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