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The ability to derive stem cells from plants or humans has had a significant effect on the health and wellness industry. While stem cell research is most often associated with the medical industry, it has also become a mainstay as an anti-aging ingredient. The role of stem cells in cosmetics was once a complex issue from an ethics perspective, however this has changed with the introduction of stem cell media.

In order to understand how cell culturing has affected the health and wellness industry, it is important to take a closer look at what stem culturing actually is. Stem cell culturing is the ability for healthcare professionals to take a single adult stem cell and cultivate it in a laboratory setting. The results is human fibroblast conditioned media or human adipose stem cells. The progenitor cell of human fibroblast is often taken from human adipose cells. From the progenitor cell, thousands of new cells can be grown. Conditioned media is the solution which is put in a petri dish to facilitate cell growth. It is typically a combination of sugars, amino acids, and proteins.

The resulting conditioned media include proteins that have been secreted by the stem and it is these proteins that are added to the serums use within the health and wellness industry. Using adult conditioned media a number of different serums have been produced to target specific degenerative related conditions.

One of the most popular types of serums is anti-aging serum. The purpose of this type of serum is to control wrinkles, stretch marks, reduce scars, and reverse the visible signs of aging. A majority of the visible signs of aging relate directly to cell health. For example, wrinkles are typically the result of skin losing elasticity. The application of anti-aging serums aims to replicate healthy cells and jump start cell regrowth to visibly reduce the signs of aging.

Using the same premise, a number of stem culturing related serums have been developed to address hair loss, blood vessel formation, and improving the body's ability to heal minor wounds. Over the past few years a number of clinical tests have been conducted that show a correlative link between using serums based on adult conditioned media. While the specific reasons this type of serum has been shown to be effective is still unclear, there is substantial evidence to suggest the adult stem cell conditioned media is the primary driving force behind it.

Overall, stem cell culturing has significantly affected the health and wellness industry. Not only has it led to the development of new serums, but it has also given the industry the ability to leverage previous stem cell research to produce a variety of new approaches to providing potential anti-aging solutions.

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