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HRT training or animal hell-raiser trainer is recommended for the most dedicated of human species. It requires a fixed regime and patience over duration of time to get results. The training is based on lifestyle changes in exercise and food. There will be times when you will feel the pinch of not being a social eater but an isolated eater in your choice of food. In daily routine you may be carrying your own food and eating it at cooler temperature not by choice but by compulsion. Your diet is meant for body building and muscle mass percentage. The HRT training period to begin with is for 12 weeks dedicated to muscle mass and fat burning through exercise.

The training in HRT is based on the principle of Hellcentrics which systematically builds up muscles. The method is to contract the muscle and in that state pressure is applied to full lengths by the trainer. At the end trainer assists in bringing up the weight. The whole set of activity is called one Hellcentric rep. In Hellicentric training method the mind-body link is also vital and a trainer achieves this. It is usually advised by experts in this field to spend a couple of hours in gym before taking up this training. The first timers get sore muscles, muscle pain at the onset of the training. Over a period of time the exercising individuals get muscle mass and strength like that of a bull. It is unthinkable how it is possible but in reality it is true. It is done through diet muscle breaking exercises, joint stress and rebuilding. The intended mass is created.

It is better to have some knowledge about muscles. In most cases diseases or exercise affecting the muscles result from damage to nerves which control the feeling and motion of muscles. Muscles are sometimes damaged by physical activity; for example a muscle fiber may be torn by a sudden jerk or sharp blow or overstretching. The bicep muscle in the arm may be torn or occasionally the large muscles which manipulate the thumb are pulled away. Frequently tendons the fibrous structures by which muscles are attached to the bones are torn. Sudden severe pain at the point where the break of the tendon or muscles has occurred is usually the first sign of such an injury. This is followed by weakness and frequently there is a flow of blood between the fibers of the muscles. Clotted blood produces pain and irritation.

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