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Want to get some first-hand source of trusted information about how to look great even when you are old? Worry not! Our lists of 15 ideas, which are tested and trusted, is every women's guide for fighting age and always look cool, without pretending.

Wear sunglass

Sunglass is not just helpful for fighting sunrays; but it also a fashion statement and helps you dramatically reduce your wrinkles between your eyebrows. It also prevents wrinkles from forming around your eyes thereby fighting a clear case of aging.

Eat berries

Berries are good for health benefits. They are not just tasty and healthy. They are full of anti oxidants properties which help you fight your aging.

Wear hat

Sun is notorious for killing the essence and youthfulness of your skin. Therefore, it is always a great idea to wear hat when you are out in the sun since it can help you prevent the harmful rays of the sun.

Eat chocolate

If you are not happy wearing a hat and even sunglass, this is the top for you. Dark chocolates are found to be great in terms of fighting the harmful exposure of UV rays.


Another age old but very important thing about looking younger is to maintain a healthy routine. Do as much exercise as you want. Running and working out move your blood flowing which keeps your skin radiant. Any sign of aging can be effectively fought with if you regularly maintain routine exercise.

Drink wine

We are talking about red wine in specific. It reduces stress, and even has anti oxidants; which have countless benefits when it comes to fighting aging.

Other wonderful ways to look younger and fight aging

  • Use moisturizers
  • Eat beans
  • Use sunscreen
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat spinach
  • Take supplements
  • Sleep well
  • Quit drinking
  • Ditch the makeup

These are some of the women's anti aging advices, which if you maintain properly can help you look younger, fresher and radiant. The better variety of useful products you use, the less make up you wear and the more natural you maintain your daily lifestyle; better is the chance that you will ever stay beautiful without having to worry about the natural process of aging.

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