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Sometimes it is not easy to get same day appointments with your GP but there are a few like Dr. Anil's where it is possible to get an appointment on the day you book. This is indeed a good think especially when a child is sick or there is an emergency. Dr. Anil is considered one of the best GPs in Chiswick and there are several reasons for this. They offer home visiting services if the patient is unable to go to the clinic. Each patient is given a lot of time and the doctor is in no rush to finish the consultation. All doubts can be discussed at length and the doctor ensures that the patient feels confident and well cared for.

The Benefits of a Registered Patient

In case you have not registered as yet, you can go in to the clinic as a non-registered patient. But the benefit of being a registered patient is that the patient can consult with the doctor over the telephone even after office hours. Consultations on Skype are possible and if a prescription is required, the clinic will fax it to the local pharmacy. Such a service is especially useful for someone who is unable to go to the clinic personally. It is also possible to get a discount on the fees charged for skin treatments like dermal filler injections, anti-wrinkle treatments and even general dermatology. With such facilities provided it is no wonder that this GP in Chiswick is quite popular.

Some Services Offered At the GP

Other than services like same day consultation, visits to the home by the GP, the other services that are offered by Dr. Anil's clinic are that the provision of repeat prescriptions and medical certificates if their patients require it. Family planning advice is offered and those patients who require consulting specialists are offered referrals to some of the best doctors at very good hospitals. When travelling abroad it is mandatory to take certain vaccinations and these are given at the clinic. This GP in Chiswick also offers excellent services for dermatology and they offer various treatments for wrinkles, acne, hair fall, anti-ageing and many more conditions.

A Better Quality Of Life Ensures a Better Life

Some more convenient services that DR. Anil's GP in Chiswick offers are detailed health screening, as well as sexual health screens; the results of which are kept confidential. All kinds of tests like blood tests, allergy tests are conducted, and referrals for ultrasound, CT, MRI scans X-ray and any other investigation that maybe required for the patient. Dr. Anil who has been a GP for many years also believes that by rejuvenating the mind, body and skin through medical means a patient can have a better quality of life. There are several programmes that he has developed to ensure this.

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