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Dermpaure is a product sold as an advanced anti-aging serum and the manufacturers claim that it can help women look ten years younger by applying it for four weeks. While making such claims, the company uses some astounding suppositions about the skin's moisture which include certain testing parameters which are not heard of as yet. This was known after dozens of review sites were studied as well as the related materials describing this moisturizing serum.

The official homepage of Dermapure claims that the fine lines and wrinkles of the facial skin would be done away with after application of this serum for four weeks. Now comes the astounding part about their claim. They say that with the application of this cream, a 500 percent gain in the moisture of the skin can be achieved. There is no technology developed as yet which can measure that. The official page of the product has many women supposedly before and after using Dermapure. It is another matter that they look remarkably similar to models whose photographs have been airbrushed.


Moreover, the photos of models are not followed by any comments from these models which can act as a testimonial. Thus, there is nothing to go by in there as far as solid proof is concerned. This is further borne out by the ingredient list of Dermapure which shows poly-moist PS complex for one. This is an ingredient that is found in plenty of other creams too such as dermalift and radial-abs There is some evidence to show that this ingredient can firm up the skin and it is especially useful in tightening loose and wrinkly skin. Some other ingredients found in this product include saccharide isolarate, vitamin E, cocoa and Shea butter. The first two among these are known to be very effective anti-oxidants but Shea butter only adds a good scent to the serum.

Dermapure is touted as being offered for free but that is not really the case. After you are through with the 14-days free trial of the product, which you can get for free by ordering from their official website, you are charged the full price. So, you do not have to go down that line and end up with egg on your face. The fact is that although there are some effective ingredients in Dermpaure for reducing wrinkles but there is no breakthrough research as claimed by the company. You can get to know more by studying the review sites.

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