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Today, a lot of people, even me are very conscious of how they look. It may sound vain but that's the truth about it. Thus, it's not a surprise why the sales and market demand for the best anti aging products sky rocket. People praise anti-aging solutions like the LifeCell Anti Aging Cream for various reasons. One of which is to battle crow's feet.

What exactly are crow's feet and why are people so paranoid about it? Here are five fast facts about it to give you a better understanding of what the buzz is all about:

What Exactly are Crow's Feet?

Generally speaking, they are wrinkles. They refer to those age lines that form around the eyes most especially as we grow older and they literally resemble a crow's feet (hence, the name).

The Natural Causes of Crow's Feet

As I mentioned above, wrinkles naturally come with the ageing process. Crow's feet are caused by the habitual muscle contractions during facial expressions thus smiling in reality can help lessen the signs of wrinkles.

They Don't Only Come with Age

Apart from coming naturally with age, it is said that one can get a premature case of such facial lines because of environmental elements and lifestyle that we have today. On top of that, too much sun exposure and smoking is also a factor for getting facial lines early. That's why it is advisable to avoid to much sun exposure during teenage years.

Getting Rid of Those Dreaded Wrinkles Around the Eyes

There is this notion that this type of wrinkles can be removed by anti-aging creams. But this is not true. This is because anti-aging creams can only do as much as try to slow down the natural ageing process. Of course, if you want more drastic measures there's always botox and even surgery to rid yourself of the wrinkles. But then again, it's only a temporary solution and not a permanent one.

Preventing Crow's Feet

Apart from anti-aging creams, there are other ways to prevent these wrinkles. One way is to make sure you're hydrated 24/7. Drink a lot of water (ideally at least 6 glasses a day). You can also use sun block to protect the areas around your eyes whenever you go out; use a pair of sunglasses too. Of course, you should also quit smoking. On top of that, you ought to have a healthy diet — eat fruits rich in vitamins A, C and E.

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