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It is every woman's worst nightmare to look into the mirror and see Age Spots, laugh line, or wrinkles. But it is something that young women will have to deal with at some point. Prolonged exposure to UV rays is really hard on the skin and can cause the skin to develop age spots. It is always important to wear sun block to protect the skin from UV rays.

The sun is not the only reason that women begin to see a change in the tone and texture of the skin. The decrease of the human growth hormone also plays a big part in that change. Once the HGH levels decrease, the skin gets tight and loses its elasticity. Wrinkles laugh lines and crow's feet may also begin to appear. The very best way to increase that hormone is to find a product that does so in a natural way. One function of the human growth hormone is production and regeneration. That is why HGH supplements helps with skin; by regenerating and repairing new skin cells.

For years, women have turned to collagen or Botox injections to improve the feel and appearance of the face, neck and shoulders. These injections were very expensive and painful. This method had such side effects as loss of feeling in the skin, and muscle spasms.

Aging is one thing that is affected by the decrease of the human growth hormone level by the brain. It has been found that one of the anti aging properties of human growth hormone supplements and releasers is the overall improvement of the skin. Increasing HGH levels allows the skin to hold more moisture and evens out the skin tone and texture by naturally repairing the skin from the inside out.

Once Age Spots become too hard to ignore, try using an HGH product prior to choosing risky collagen or Botox injections. Those are synthetic; HGH products are natural.
All HGH products can erase age spots lines and wrinkles, but there is one in particular that you may want to try and that is Kollagen Intensiv.

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