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Nowadays the demand of cosmetic treatment turns greater than before. People understand that instant skin restoration can only be done using special cosmetic therapies. Today several outstanding ways of treatment are available in support of these. Sometimes, individuals may not have to spend much; even it is not required to go through a long duration, extensive surgery procedure to have essential great looking skin. You may think about what kind of therapy is it that can produce instant result without a touch of a scalpel. It is all about Botox Kbenhavn which can help people to get rid of any unwanted aging signs within a short duration. Men and women both can take this kind of therapy without yielding any vital side effect.

Actually it is a powerful neurotoxin which is fall under the prescription drug category, i.e. only any doctors such as skin specialist, dermatologist, and cosmetic surgeon can prescribe it. The compound is derived naturally from Clostridium botulinum at the point of peak somatic growth. Very nominal amount of Botox Kbenhavn is used for any type of medical treatment including cosmetic rehabilitation. Mainly saline solution of the compound is used as injectable and the injection is pushed at the affected site directly. But first of all, physician examines a patient thoroughly, and then suggests how many injections to be given in which locations to restore the problem. Application of Botox is not broad. We will discuss here several possible cases where Botox can be used.

Botox in cosmetic therapy

Botox application was approve in 2002 for cosmetic therapy. Prior to that, this drug was only prescribed for other physical disorders. Various kind of beauty treatment is possible using this revolutionary drug that we will discuss in the below section.

Erase wrinkles within a day: Today, most of us recognize this drug as the wrinkles eraser. Any kind of wrinkles, from deep furrowing one to fine aging lines can be smoothed overnight with Botox Kbenhavn injection. Deep wrinkles are especially found in the forehead and brow area. Many people developed several deep furrows in their forehead area. Another case is Glabellar lines which are very deep frown lines generated in between two brows. In both the cases Botox can provide great solution. Crow's feet a very common problem that probably each women and men experience in their old age around their eye area. Botulinum toxin can erase these lines overnight by relaxing muscles which causes wrinkles.

Improve your smile: If you produce noticeable smile line, you can easily get rid of it using botulinum toxin. You also can improve your smile having rubber smile effect with botox injections. Talk with your physician and find out a custom solution to your problem.

Solution to excessive sweating: Another common trouble is excessive underarm sweating, or sweaty palm conditions. The problem can be treated using the above mentioned toxin compound. Here the main objective is to prevent nerve signals to be transferred toward the overactive sweat glands that changes sweating patterns.

Correcting face: Square face can be corrected using Botox Kbenhavn. The injection is pushed to reduce the thickness of the fatter jaw muscle which turns overall looks of the face into more oval.

Cosmetic products: Botox creams are available in the market that individuals can use to maintain good health of their skin. Creams cannot produce superb result at once like those injections, but are more effective than other normal cosmetic products.

Botox can cure acute pains

Other than cosmetic use, Botox Kbenhavncan is applied to cure acute pains such as sever migraines, chronic back pain, and other cases where muscle contraction is related. It is noticed that 50% pain reduction is possible with this kind of drug. All these matters are reported from time to time depending upon the real time research data.

Another case is Dystonia where spontaneous muscle spasm can generate neck or limb pain. It may affect vocal cords that hamper speech production functionality. Such conditions can be cured with the application of Botox.

Other cases of application

One more condition is Bruxism or grinding teeth conditions of people during the night. Botox injection into the jaw muscles can help people to get rid of this kind of disturbing habits. Eyelid spasm or Blasphemous may generate vision troubles. Misalignment of eyes or Strabismus condition can make any one socially uncomfortable. Treatment with Botox Kbenhavncan helps people to get relief from such uncomfortable conditions. The above mentioned neurotoxin can provide remedy in case of Cerebral palsy in children, stroke in adults and other several cases.

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