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American Health Network carried an article released the latest “appearance Age Calculator”, if the calculated age is greater than your actual age, it shows you from the face point of view is a “significantly older” people

1, pores: plus 3 years of age.
Possible causes: too much sun will cause the pores or pore blockage becomes thick

Experts suggest that use of acid and salicylic acid products Victoria a clean skin; out be sure to apply sunscreen to prevent sunburn and skin sagging

2, chest freckles: plus 10 years of age
Possible reasons: Some 20-year-old who just left the head of the chest will appear freckles.

Experts said that retinoic acid or hydroquinone (melanin inhibitors) can reduce freckles. In addition, when you go out, and want a large open collar shirt, sunscreen should be wiped up promptly.

3, thick yellow nails: plus 5 years of age
Possible reasons: Studies have shown that unmodified nails look even older people, because the nail polish to cover up the disease and age-related yellow nails.

Experts said the lack of vitamins and humidity can cause premature aging nails. Junk food is the culprit of damage to the nail should be eliminated.

4, gingival recession: plus 10 years of age.
Possible Cause: 30-year-old appeared gingival recession, people were really old. Keep your gums healthy, the key is to prevent bacterial infection.

Expert advice: use of professional oral antibacterial cleaning products.

5, the back of the hand veins exposed: plus 7 years of age.
Possible causes: the loss of vascular tissue is protruding (bone loss, muscle atrophy and fat loss) results.
Expert advice: The ball will help strengthen the hand muscles, but also adequate intake of calcium and vitamin a.

6, thick hair: by 3 years of age.
Reason: the more concentrated human hair, it seems more and more young. Diet rich in folic acid and iron to help provide adequate nutrition to the hair.

7, thick eyelashes: by 3 years of age.
Reason: thick eyelashes and hair were as young truth. More difficult to make eyelashes thicker, so it should usually treat eyelashes. For example, the makeup, it is best not to rub lashes.

8, thick eyebrows: by 5 years of age.
Reason: Because the secretion of testosterone, the male will be thicker eyebrows, while women will become increasingly scarce eyebrows. Experts said, pulling the eyebrows not too frequent or too hard. Recommend the use of 5 mg of oral vitamin h, can enhance the hair.

9, full lips: by 5 years of age.
Reason: Studies show that women with full lips look younger. Experts said that when they go out, do not forget sunscreen to the lips. In addition, the natural ratio of upper and lower lip 1 / 3 to 2 / 3 between, so make-up, be sure to pay attention to lip tricks.

10, plump cheeks: minus 4 years old.
Rationale: The study found that women over 40 years of age, body mass index slightly higher than skinny women look younger. The reason is that the former is more plump cheeks. Diet will lead to dry cheeks, sagging skin appear older people.

Links: five living habits to be effective anti-aging well

How can we slow the accelerating aging? Following the good habits you may have will help slow down the speed of aging. See if there for you:

1 The sleep and sleep
Many people have deep-rooted notion that sleep 8 hours a day is best for the body. Things are not completely true, because the quality of sleep also have good or bad. If you need the alarm to get up every day and need to nap, read a book or watching a movie would fall asleep or doze off, may show that you do not have quality sleep. At this point, I suggest you choose meditation, yoga breathing exercise to help sleep. At the same time, maintaining sleep environment dark and quiet. Remember, serious feel with their own physical condition, when the body needs rest to issue a signal, be sure to go to bed.

(2) slow suction quick call
This refers not only to tobacco control and prevention of asthma, any factors that will affect the breathing of a negative impact on health and life. You will also affect the body's breathing and other physiological functions, such as blood pressure, heart rate, blood circulation, body temperature and so on. The first step is to learn to breathe to relax the abdominal muscles. When the abdominal muscles relax, the most important thing is to give yourself enough time to call the proper way to air out. For example, so that breathing is a length of 2 times the length of breath.

3 Institute of snacks
Studies have shown, do not eat a big meal for good health is very important. So, you should learn to snacks. First, to understand their hungry every 2 to 3 hours, eat a small meal. If you go out to eat dinner, then eat half, the rest of the home, as a later supper. Second, eat more fish, and to choose the smaller fish, such as wild or organic salmon, fresh sardines. Do not forget that foods rich in fiber. Daily intake of 25 g fiber foods, foods such as whole wheat, whole oat foods, brown rice and so on. Other foods rich in fiber include beans, nuts, fruits and so on. Daily multi-vitamin supplement, with particular emphasis on vitamin D supplementation. In addition, resveratrol in grape juice and red wine, and fish oil are very beneficial to health.

4 emotional exchange
The most important thing is to learn how to express their feelings, tell the people around you love them. Also, subscribe to a magazine about love. When you feel sad, you can open the book to see, that things will get better together, the pressure will disappear. In addition, you can also ease the pressure by changing the environment to achieve the effect, such as to put some nice plants around, hanging on the wall of your favorite works of art and so on.

5 dance with music
Rhythmic movement than the random movement is more beneficial to the body, the rhythm of the music when the body during exercise, heart rate, breathing in the beautiful rhythm can also be unified. Naturally into the dance of life is a very easy thing to do, for example, you can exercise with the music, or music with a twist the body in the bedroom. Like this “dance” at least twice a week.

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