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If we will go for a more deeper study than it will be clear that each organ is composed of certain kind of tissues out of four different kinds such as;

1. Epithelial Tissue 2. Connective Tissue 3. Muscle Tissue and 4. Nerve Tissue.

Epithelial tissue, which is mainly found in the membrane lining of organs so that one organ can be separated from the other. For an instance the outer layer of the skin, inner side of the mouth and stomach are epithelial tissues.

Connective tissue, which is a fibrous strand of protein collagen and most widely distributed tissue found in the tendons, cartilages, ligaments, bone, fat tissues and the inner layer of the skin. Blood is also an example of connective tissue.

Muscle tissue, which made all the seven hundred different muscles of our body. It is made up of two special proteins actins and myosin which has the ability of contraction, so that a muscle can function properly. Muscle tissue can be divided in to three parts that is smooth, cardiac and sketal muscles.

Nerve tissues, helps in transferring messages or commands to the entire body or to any specific part of the body from the brain or vice versa through electrical signals via spinal cord is a combination of nerve tissues.

Even tissues are not the base line; it is the cell which is the basic structural and functional unit of the body. If we will consider the entire body on the basis of cell than there will be nothing wrong to say that a human body is nothing but a combination of more than 50 to 75 trillion of cells which was started developing from a single celled zygote.

If the health of all the cells are good than three will be no problem with the tissues and if all the tissues are properly functioning than all the systems will be free from any kind of diseases and a person can be declared medically fit. Which is the base line of stem cell therapy, or in other words when any kind of disease affects anybody a set of cell finally get affected however those particular affected cells can be replaced with stem cells and that can even regenerate cells over there. As stem cell treatment procedure includes treatment from the route cause so it is obvious that if everything will be ok than the success rate will be maximum and that to without taking any medicine.

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