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Crow's feet are sometimes called as wrinkles which appear around the eyes and on the forehead. The medical term for crow's feet is said to be lateral canthal wrinkles. These Crow's feet occurs in the face when they grow old but for some mid-age people you can find crow's feet in their face. This is due to fatty tissues which are present in most of our body, and it also present in the cheeks that plump out generally. Absence of fatty tissues around eyes will leads to crow's feet in the face. Normally these fatty tissues will keep the skin tight and firm on other parts of the body basically stretching out fine lines. When these fatty tissues become thinner or lost, then it affects most parts of the face and creates wrinkles or crow's feet.

Other than lack of fatty tissues there are certain factors that create crow's feet such as repeated facial expression throughout the life time. The repeated contraction and relaxing of muscles in the face will leads to wrinkles which are curable and some are incurable. And the other major factor is squinting, which radiate tiny lines which are called as crow's feet from the corner of the eyes. And the other factor is sleeping habit where sleeping on your side can cause lines to appear. Free Radical which means certain cell found in the human skin which damages the cellular DNA and lead to aging. Exposure to sunlight will cause free radicals to increase and helps to damage the cells easily. As like certain materials, our skin also exposed to sunlight for a while, it will be dry and leads to wrinkle formation around the eyes. This is also called as Photo-aging.

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