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Each one of us has its own protective organ from the elements of nature and is considered the biggest organ, this organ is called skin.

Our skin is very vital in our existence. It protects us from harmful ultra violet rays emitted by the sun. It serves as our clothing from the cold and hot weather. A shield from rain and at the same time a house for our well being.

As we grow old, our skin grows old whithering away its cells, thus dark spots and blemishes becomes noticeable. Aging is inevitable and it's the reality of life. There's no such thing as young forever but preventing the aging process can be achieve. Dark spots or blemishes are the effects of poor skin maintenance or traces from allergies making us look old and dull.

Skin regiments to slow the aging process of our skin is almost everywhere. It could be in the form of capsule that we take as a daily dose or can be a topical cream that we apply on our skin. The price varies depending on the composition and the brand.

Maintaining the skin could be a tedious undertaking and very expensive……. and the question arise how to get rid of blemishes on the skin the inexpensive way?

Being a skin doctor, skin regiments are within our grasp it need not be bought in skin pharmacy or consulted by a physician for prescription. These regiments are common in our household and we encounter them on a daily basis.

Honey is used in ancient times as a source of sweetener as well as a skin enhancer. Apply honey on the affected area for twenty minutes before rinsing in cold water for three weeks. This process eliminates dark spots and is clinically proven.

Carrot is a common vegetable and sometimes left uneaten because of its pungent tastes, but this is a good source of vitamin A. The process is the same in the application of honey. Mashed the carrot to make a paste. Apply the mashed carrot on the face for thirty minutes and rinse with cold water.

Onion is a much hated spice because of its foul odor that is to strong for the nose to handle but is a good source of anti-oxidants. Mix onion in water and add a small portion of honey to make a paste. Apply the concoction on the skin and other parts of the body and rinse in cold water.

Maintaining the skin need not be expensive to have a young, fare, vibrant looking skin.

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