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Hormones are very important chemical messengers in our bodies. Most of us have learned by now that there are different hormones and different hormone levels between genders. We all have one called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. That is what makes our ovaries and testicles mature to produce their respective dominant gender hormones. For men it is testosterone and for women it is estrogen and progesterone, along with a few other things involved in metabolism of hormones for both genders.

As we age, all of us reach a peak in our gender hormone production. For males, the age is 18 and for females, the age is somewhere around 25 years. After that peak, there is a leveling off for a while and then the hormone levels plummet like cannon balls. The result for both genders is a loss of vitality, energy, weakened immunity, lost libido, mood swings, depression, muscle loss, fat gain, increased stress and more vulnerability to diseases of all kinds, particularly heart and bone diseases. Testosterone therapy for men, and bio identical hormones for women are the answer to many people's prayers to help keep them young and healthy.

While there are synthetic hormone replacement solutions for both estrogen and testosterone, there are some negative side effects, and research studies have shown the synthetic hormones can be very harmful. For example, the synthetic option for men is the same thing used by people in professional sports and what is used for women generally comes from horse urine or it is synthetic and has high potential for increasing cancer risk. Bioidentical hormones do not carry these same risks.

Testosterone therapy involves first determining your levels with blood testing. The same is true for estrogen therapy in bio identical form. After various different factors are examined and underlying causes are ruled out, the best strategy is to begin with injections. Patches, creams and gels increase the likelihood of side effects, and are hard to dose correctly.

Estrogen and progesterone therapy for women is also usually in the form of bioidentical hormone creams and gels or patches. This is, of course, if you wish to avoid the birth control pills which are frequently used to correct or try to balance female hormonal deficiencies or to improve bone density in women. Bio identical hormones do not have the side effects because they are chemically the same as what we naturally produce. Synthetic hormones are not the same, even if your doctor says they are bio identical. They are actually conjugated estrogens, and are much harder on your liver and heart.

The idea is to restore balance to the body rather than just simply throw drugs and amplified hormones at it to cover up symptoms. The concepts of Naturopathic medicine show that using the real thing and natural alternatives to synthetic pharmaceuticals does work for most people. It is best to be aware of this before testosterone or estrogen therapy is ever recommended for you. Consider natural options because there are strong risks associated with pharmaceutical options.

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