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Close to US$20 billion is spent every year for two million broken bones due to osteoporosis and related costs for age management treatments. That figure will balloon to about US$25 billion by 2025, and three million fractures will be responsible for that. A disease of the bones brought by losing bone too much or making too little to no bone, osteoporosis (which means “porous bone”) usually afflicts the elderly because of their inability to absorb insufficient amounts calcium and vitamin D.

The Importance of Nutrition in Bone Health

Bones are composed of collagen that makes up a flexible framework strengthened by calcium, but it is vitamin D that allows the bones to absorb calcium so that this pliable skeletal framework becomes stronger. Without enough vitamin D, it doesn't matter how much calcium you get, because your bones won't be able to absorb it well. However, without calcium, vitamin D (which holds the key that unlocks the door to your bones) won't have any building block to stuff the bone with. But given the advances in age management medicine, osteoporosis can be managed by proper nutrition and exercise.

In younger bodies, bones appear much like a honeycomb under the microscope; bones of those with osteoporosis have much bigger spaces and holes in the honeycomb, which means their bone density has lowered. Consequently, porous bones are likelier to break even from simple actions like bumping into furniture or sneezing with force.

Age Management Singapore Treatments for Older Adults

A bone density test done in an age management clinicis a simple procedure to see if you are at risk of developing osteoporosis. In the meantime, get out and get enough sunshine. However, concerns about getting skin cancer and the need to slather on sunscreen means that you are not getting sufficient amounts of vitamin D; hence, the need to get it from supplements. The National Academy of Sciences suggests 600 international units (IU) of vitamin D per day from age 1 through age 70, and 800 IU after age 70. Some scientists and age management doctors even theorize that we may need more vitamin D than what is currently recommended.

This is where age management intervention like Optimagenics Nutritional Program comes in. This tailored approach regularly performed in anti-aging clinic in Singapore aims to assist in improving various blood chemistry values and body composition (muscle tissues versus fat tissues) while reducing your risk of developing osteoporosis and other maladies associated with the passage of time.

Because older adults tend to heal more slowly than younger ones, sustaining a fracture while osteoporotic puts the person at risk for other health problems, making it imperative for early intervention to mitigate bone loss. Not doing so could be fatal: About 20% of older adults who break a hip die within 12 months from complications arising from the broken bone or from the surgery to heal it. Even seniors who survive falls and fractures do not fully recover; they need long-term nursing and become depressed as they are no longer able to move around much and enjoy the things or physical activities that they usually do.

Growing old – and suffering from ailments associated with it – need not be endured. With appropriate age management program, your golden years can indeed be golden.

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