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Are you content in your skin? Once, you hit the mid-thirties, you will start noticing the signs of early aging such as laugh lines, wrinkles on your forehead and around your lips, etc. After observing these, you start searching for the remedial measure to check these signs. You start reading magazines, search out for the best advice available on internet by browsing forums and social media websites.

So many people, so many advices! Eventually, you will get confused and hence not able to conclude on what to do to get rid of the problem. The truth is, nobody can better advice you what to do with your skin than your own decision. But, before making any, you should know about the type of your skin first.

According to broader classification, there are four types of skin which as dry, oily, normal and combination. When pores are almost noticeable and you can feel the tightness and flakiness, it means you have got a dry skin. Anti-aging serums and toners with lavender water and amino acids are preferred for this type. Moisturizers with jojoba leaf, wine yeast, willow herbs are also considered ideal for use.

If acne marks such as black and white heads are frequently visible then, the skin is oily and you should cleanse it with a gel cleanser. Oil blotting sheets must be in your handbag all the time. Oils and breakouts, you don't face problem from any, then it means you are fortunate enough to bless with normal skin.

Foam cleanser with gentle exfoliating beads should be used to maintain the firmness of normal skin. Best anti-aging body lotions for such type are herbal body lotions. To take care of combination skin, it is quite a challenging thing to do. For combination skin, go for cleansers which is effective in removing all your makeup and skin impurities without reducing the essential skin care oils.

According to many surveys on beauty care, it has been found that in most of the cases, the ultraviolet rays from sun are the cause for premature aging. Therefore, use sunscreen creams daily. Generally, people use under eye creams for puffy eyes. Although, it is to be noted that these creams do not consist of any SPF. Therefore, it is better to use sunscreen creams carefully for the better results.

To jump on a botox train or to spend too much money on expensive cosmetic products is not an ideal solution to get the cure for aging. It is better to diagnose the problem first and go for better options.

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