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A little peak into the anti aging techniques of women around the world gives interesting insight into the different products and methods used to protect the skin. It is amazing to see that the basic procedures and priorities are the same around the world; however, changes come from the various products available in their setting. Women and men have practiced exfoliating, moisturizing and protecting the skin from too much exposure to the sun for thousands of years.


In France, skin care begins very early. Children are taught the importance of cleansing, moisturizing and protecting themselves from the sun, and it becomes second nature to them. When habits start early, they will be carried with them all their lives and give them radiant skin well into their senior years. Because the French prefer the natural look, they do not use many makeup products that could damage the skin.


Indians have an abundance of spices that they have put to good use in making their wonderful cuisine, but they also use them in their anti aging remedies. They have incorporated them into various recipes of scrubs and tonics to treat and prevent many different kinds of skin problems. Ground pepper and yogurt for removing black heads, honey and cinnamon for getting rid of pimples, fresh ginger for reducing dark spots and a variety of turmeric masks that help to reduce wrinkles and preserve the skin are some of the treatments used every day by Indian women. Coconut oil remains as one of the most important moisturizers because of it anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities.



Ancient Egyptian skin care methods were wrapped in magic, spells and prayer; however, they did have practical solutions as well. When Egyptian beauty is thought of, what often comes to mind is Cleopatra and her milk baths, for bathing was an important part of their beauty regime. They covered their bodies in various oils, rubbing it in to keep their skin supple. They incorporated scent into the oil making them the first known civilization to think of using deodorant. The thick black makeup they wore around their eyes was derived from galena, and it was worn for beauty and to reduce the glare of the sun. Its antibacterial nature protected their eyes from disease as well. Skin care was important to ancient Egyptians and continues to be today. Many of the early ingredients and concepts are still used. Goat milk is a cleanser that softens the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. A massage with almond oil and a few drops of frankincense oil is their secret to wrinkle free skin.


With Brazilian beauties attracting the attention of the world these days, the big question is what is their anti aging secret. Would it come as a surprise to know it was sand and cocoa butter? Using fine sand to exfoliate their skin, and cocoa butter as a moisturizer has been a long-standing tradition for Brazilian women. Cocoa butter makes an excellent moisturizer because it is high is antioxidants, and antioxidants help to slow down the aging process.


Japanese skin protective methods have, for centuries, relied on green tea, rice bran and camellia oil. A daily drink of green tea provides the body with antioxidants, and a massage with camellia oil keeps the skin moist and supple during the long, dry winter months. A mixture of rice bran and red bean meal makes a face cleansing powder that removes dead skin cells and promotes blood circulation – two things that are essential to delay the again process of the skin.

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