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Those who search for a successful hyperpigmentation treatment probably aren't aware that it's almost certainly the sunscreen they use that has caused those pesky brown patches to appear on their skin in the first place. It's a little known fact that many sunscreens actually create hyperpigmentation problems or else worsen what's already there.

Australian naturopath and herbalist David Lyons who is the formulator and maker of the skin care brand Simplicite, says this problem occurs because most sunscreens are poorly formulated and don't include the large amounts of high quality herbal extracts necessary to shield the skin from negative effects of sunscreening chemicals.

“It's widely assumed that sunscreens stop sun damage as well as protecting the skin from the sun and sun damage”, says Lyons. “However, if sunscreening chemicals aren't 'buffered' with large amounts of high quality plant extracts, these can cause oxidative damage within the skin and this presents as hyperpigmentation. Lyons says as it is not a common practice for sunscreen manufacturers, even the makers of the more expensive ones, to add nutritive ingredients to sunscreens, it is no wonder that so many people suffer from hyperpigmentation problems.

Perhaps the way to avoid this problem is to avoid all sunscreens. But this is a dangerous and irresponsible practice and will expose skin to sun damage. Lyons says his Simplicite brand has the solution because he has formulated Simplicite Skin Care's sensitive skin sunscreen with an effective 'buffer' for skin from the sunscreening chemicals. He uses using 17 medicinal grade and organically grown plant extracts in the sunscreen.

The Simplicite Great Outdoors sensitive skin sunscreen is the only sunscreen on the market that has this buffering quality. Lyons says he is aware that in saying that the chemicals in sunscreens often make hyperpigmentation worse contradicts everything Cancer Councils and dermatologists might say. However, he says, that is his repeated experience. “I've seen this happen many times over the past twenty plus years”, says Lyons.

One recent example is Kate, a long-term Simplicite customer with creamy, pale English skin. Kate swims daily in an outdoor pool using the Simplicite sunscreen. Recently though, Kate ran out of her sunscreen and used another brand for three weeks before she could re-stock. In that three weeks she developed brown patches on each side of her face. Kate was able to fade the brown patches after a few months of using specific products in the Simplicite hyperpigmentation treatment however she maintains she will never use any other sunscreen but the Simplicite one again.

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