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Let's face it – we are all going to look in the mirror one day and see an older version of who we actually feel like staring back at us. The ageing process is inevitable, we must accept that but what if we can slow or just help our bodies age better. Is there a way to reduce wrinkles naturally?

Let's have a look at the make up of our skin. It consists of collagens and elastin's, which are certain proteins and then under lying fats. The collagen and elastin are essential for the firm tone feel to your skin and as we age we actually produce less of these substances which causes the skin to be less firm, toned and gain wrinkles. In order to reduce wrinkles naturally we need to prevent this from happening or at least slow the process down. For more information

These substances are also damaged by lifestyle factors – poor lifestyle, unhealthy diets all raise our free radical count. Free radicals are unstable molecules that cause damage to our cells.

Reduce your wrinkles naturally with these 100% natural ways to combat free radicals and help our cells recover better as explained below:

  • Anti oxidants are molecules that eradicate free radicals helping the free radical molecule to become stable and stop it causing harmful damage. Eating a variety of deep or bright coloured fruits and vegetables EVERY day increases your anti oxidant levels.
  • Ever heard of Retinol? This substance has been proven to reduce wrinkles as it stimulates the cells that produce collagen. Retinol is produced from beta carotene. You can find retinol in certain food groups and supplements.
  • Increase your Omega 3 – great for reducing inflammation, healing skin and healthy skin. Vitamin E is a great antioxidant and protects and repairs your skin.

Get your mineral intake! Reduce wrinkles naturally with Selenium – another known skin benefiter – neutralizes free radicals before they damage skin and some sources say restores elasticity.

Copper is essential for forming collagen and elastin.. remember the two key substances in our skin for tone and texture.

Looking for naturally younger skin? Would you like to know the best kept secret to reduce wrinkles naturally? Find your guide to anti aging and wrinkle reduction.

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