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Japan, the land of unique culture, mouth-watering food, innovations, simplicity, intellect and incredible beauty has a lot to teach the world. Despite having natural calamities and man-made disaster, it has its own share of thoughtful wisdom – traditionally rooted, and preserved and passed down on from generations to generations. Their approach to living life to its fullest, and having a stress-free, simple yet elegant lifestyle deserves accolades. In today's article; we bring you five very important Japanese beauty secrets – which if you follow, you never have to worry about a deceased skin, ailing body and uninspiring mood.

You are what you eat – Put in your body value, don't put on artificial substances

The first wisdom to a great health and beautiful body is not what you put on our body, but what you put in it. Look at their diet and you get the idea why Japanese women are so glowing, look fresh and ever green. Instead of eating sugary foods, meats, fatty foods; they eat a lot of vegetables and of course fish rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which helps them reduce and stop body's production of inflammatory chemicals responsible for the aging process.

Drink matcha – 10 times stronger green tea

Green tea might taste a little uninspiring (all great things do) but it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant elements. Japanese women very well understand the benefit of drinking green tea so seriously that they have created potent green tea drink, Matcha – one cup of which contains antioxidants worth of 10 cups of green tea and Matcha can be baked into literally any type of foods.

Avoid the sun altogether

While we use a lot of sunscreens and think they offer single source protection to harmful UV rays that causes aging; Japanese women believe in a very simple process: They wear hats, and avoid the sun. The sunscreen and other artificial products are no better than being aware and preventive.

Message away your dark wrinkles

A great way to an ever green skin is not necessarily apply high end products. You can get happy looking face using many natural, free of cost techniques. One being to apply messages. There are a variety of messages that Japanese women prefer to do on their face and skin that ensure their face stays fresh, and they look younger.

Other awesome ways to look fresh

Use a pricey cleanser. The more you cleanse your skin, better you can maintain it.

Eat foods with Vitamin C

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