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Dermatology is referred to as the treatment of the human skin. The human skin is one of the most important organs of the human body. It is extensively associated with some of the crucial functions of the human body which include the likes of internal heat regulation, excretion of waste products and protection of the internal organs as well. It is important that appropriate care is taken of the skin as well.

One such approach towards taking care of the skin is carbon laser skin treatment which is also referred to as carbon dioxide laser skin surfacing. As the name implies, the primary element for the ordeal is carbon. This entire procedure can be acclaimed to be a form of cosmetic reconstruction or can simply be put forth as a cosmetic procedure as well. This, relatively new form of treatment, is basically carried out as a form of solution towards birthmarks, problems related to acne, tanning, scars or marks on the skin and so on.

Laser treatment therefore can be referred to as the perfect solution to a number of skin problems. This is a very sophisticated procedure and needs to be carried out in the supervision of a qualified laser surgeon. The laser basically is used to heat up the lower level of the skin which is referred to as the dermis which in turn results in enhanced production of collagen proteins which play an important role in repairing damaged. Damaged epidermal cells are removed with precision using the laser therapy so that there are no visible marks or scars following this procedure of cosmetic surgery.

Carbon is a naturally occurring element which has been proven to be a good for removing impurities from the skin. Its ability to help heal the lower layers of the skin is an additional benefit. This form of cosmetic surgery is best suited for those set of individuals who acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles. However this form of therapy is discouraged for those people that have active or live acne on their skin. This treatment should also be avoided if the person has an extra-sensitive skin or live scars as well. People that have skin very dark complexion should also avoid this cosmetic surgery. Some people may want to consider this form of treatment in order to reduce stretch-marks; however this treatment should be avoided for the former purpose.

There is not really any severe side-effects after the treatment. It is a completely safe medical procedure. However there can be some minor side effects which include pigmentation of the skin or even the return of acne and pimples on the affected region. However dermatologists do prescribe some low-power antibiotics in order to help the person avoid these circumstances. Overall carbon laser treatment can be regarded as a safe procedure which helps to counter a number of skin ailments.

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