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Stretch marks in women are usually a result of something beautiful- child birth. While some women are not too bothered about their stretch marks, most women become very upset looking at it. They have every reason to be bothered about it since stretch marks are not very pretty to look at. They make the skin lose its firmness, especially around the abdomen area. Although it is a part of being a parent, there is nothing wrong in wanting to get your smooth and firm skin back. In men, stretch marks are usually a result of change in body weight. Whatever the cause is, stretch marks make your skin look flabby and weaken your self-esteem.

Losing weight

Both men and women who are into fitness and weight loss are probably aware of the stretch marks that forms due to body weight fluctuation. What happens when you gain weight? The skin or the dermis expands to accommodate the growing parts. But the tissues beneath are not capable of supporting the expanding skin. Eventually they tear forming scars which turns into a silvery-white colour due to the blockage of blood vessels. When you lose weight rapidly, the skin stretches. As a result, there is a loss of collagen fibres which causes stretch marks. A skin specialist offering stretch marks treatment in London can help you get rid of these nasty stretch marks.

Say goodbye to stretch marks

There are a number of methods to treat stretch marks. An advanced, yet very effective Dermapen micro needling treatment has proven to be very effective. It is used to rejuvenate, tighten and lift the skin.Dermapen treatmentcan also reduce wrinkles and fine lines; minimize pores, surgical and acne scars, and keloid. Unlike lasers and chemical peels, there is no risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.Skin needling treatment can be used on any skin type and colour. Dermapen treatment involves stamping of the upper layer of the skin to create tiny punctures. These punctures trigger new collagen deposition. Dermapen's depth control which is up to 2.5 mm mitigates the appearance of stretch marks.

The treatment

The specialist providing stretch marks treatment in Londonwill start the procedure by applying a topical anaesthetic. The procedure usually lasts for 45 minutes. The procedure does not create any allergic reaction and visible results are seen within 6-8 weeks. People undergoing this treatment might get worried about the redness and the unusual tightness of the skin that occurs immediately after the procedure. But this is very normal and heals completely within 24 hours. Your skin specialist may suggest 4-5 sessions to see great results. He/she may also suggest a soothing cream to be applied on the treated area after the procedure.

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