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Dermal Fillers are a great way to fight the effects of ageing, as they soften and correct lines, wrinkles and folds that appear on your skin. Fillers can also be used for lip augmentation and enhancement, facial contouring and smoothing of crow's feet and frown lines. The treatment itself sounds miraculous as it involves no surgery and almost zero recovery time.

Dermal Filler treatments can be summed up in a few lines. Following your initial consultation with your cosmetic physician, he or she will identify the areas that require treatment and the type of filler that is required for best results. Afterwards the areas are carefully marked and the filler is administered via injections into the wrinkled areas. Local anaesthetics maybe used to reduce discomfort. Results will be prominent immediately after the treatment but maybe exaggerated as there may be slight swelling in the injected areas.

Good Cosmetic Physicians, whilst explaining to you all there is to know about the Dermal Filler Treatment will also be open to answer any queries that you may have. They will enlighten you on details such as to what you can expect from the treatment, cost details, treatment procedure, duration of treatment, potential side-effects as well as aftercare. Following his/her instructions is imperative to ensure that you get the best possible results from Dermal Fillers. Till the point you leave the clinic, the Cosmetic Physician will be by your side.

However, you need to be aware that there may be side effects and certain aftercare practices that you will have to follow. Back at home; these details may slip your mind, paving way for complications later on. Here are a few pointers to ensure that your Dermal Filler treatment does indeed make your dreams come true and NOT your nightmares.

After the procedure, the treated area may tend to be slightly red, swollen and tender. You may also experience an itching sensation. These are normal symptoms and are temporary, disappearing within a day or two. You can apply an ice pack on the treated area to ease the swelling. In the event you underwent a Lip Augmentation procedure, the swelling may last up to a week and your lip may even look uneven. This too is normal and you will get your expected results after a week. Do not touch the treated area within 6 hours of the Dermal Filler treatment.

After this you may apply make-up to cover the redness. You may also gently wash the treatment are with soap and water. Avoid the use of Aspirins during the first few days of the recovery period because they may tend to cause bruising of the treated area. Over the next 2 weeks gently massage the Dermal Filler treated areas to ease out unevenness. Sunbathing or saunas should be strictly avoided during this recovery period.

In the event you have suffered from facial cold sores previously, a fresh eruption of sores may be triggered due to the needle punctures.

Ensure that you obtain an emergency contact number for your Cosmetic Physician when you leave the clinic. In the event you suspect or suffer from any adverse effects, immediately contact your Physician or the Clinic and arrange for consultation.

With proper aftercare, you may reap the benefits of Dermal Fillers for 6-12 months and undergo treatment again when the effects begin to wear off.

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