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I once saw a picture in a magazine of Joan Collins, which showed her looking as well turned out as usual and the story was about the fact that she looked so much younger than her actual years. She did look good and the photos had shown her in a flattering light. However, the one thing which had gone unnoticed was the fact that her hands were prominently displayed in one of the pictures. Not that there is anything wrong with her hands, but the fact remained that they did not match up to the rest of the image which was created around her.

Her hands were wrinkled and the veins were prominent. No matter how much make up and other camouflage techniques are used on the face and body, the hands will always show your age. There is not a lot that you can do hide them and even make up will just cover them up to an extent. So when you are considering lying about your age, remember that your hands will tell the truth. There are some procedures which can be used to make your hands look plumper and less wrinkled but these are only temporary.


When it comes to showing our age, we always try to cover up the evidence. It used to be that you never asked a lady her age, but these days there are men who will also be offended if you ask them how old they are. It seems that we all wish to appear younger than we really are and there are some people who will go to extreme lengths to deny the fact that they are no longer spring chickens.

I have always liked the saying that the face you have in your twenties is the face you have been given, but the face that you have in your forties is the face that you deserve. This just means that if you look after your health and take care of your appearance with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you will look better as you get older. There are many ways of looking younger than we are but the trend these days is to get cosmetic surgery done, if you can afford it, and if you are brave enough. A lot of the processes involved with cosmetic surgery are painful and can take a few days to heal from.

When it comes to your face, the most popular anti-aging treatment as far as cosmetic surgery is concerned, is the breast augmentation. This will make you look immediately younger since the facelift will re-define your features and make your bone structure more prominent. A nose surgery used to something which was the domain of Hollywood celebrities but now it is so common that is discussed at dinner tables and is something which is de rigour among anyone who is in the public eye. Even normal people often go for a little nip and tuck session to look younger.

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