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Natural Bleach for Skin Whitening in 1 day Make It Glowing

natural bleach for skin whitening thisnatural bleach will lighten your skin at once and make it glowing the humblepotato this can work wonders as a natural bleach and skin liner and yourskin will look clean and soft free and adjust a couple of weeks hard to believe we say you find out foryourself ingredients one potato two tablespoons rose water 1 tbsp honey arelemon juice method of preparation you need the first peel the skin of amediumsized potato and then graded add do it rose water and honey if you have adry skin or lemon juice if you have an

oily skin and make it big based in theblender it should come out to have a rich consistency your potato bleachcream is ready for use now apply it in a thick coat on yourface particularly in the affected areas you can even apply it on your hands andneck allow it to dry for about 20 minutes rinse off with cool water thosewith a bad case of acne blackheads and dark spots need to do this race a weekor one month and you will notice the improvement in your complexion your skintone would have become even and spot free and all the fine lines and deepscars on your face would have vanished

without a trace it is said percentnatural and not to mention costeffective you will be pleasantlysurprised with the results what potato does the potato in the facepack works as a natural bleaching agent that brightens the skin tone eliminatesthe dark spots and gives it an even look don't look down upon that potato againas another see ARB it is going to give you a glowing flawless skin one daythank you for watching be tutorial please subscribe my channel for more help outBates.

Korean Skin Care aka WHY DO YOU LOOK SO GOOD

Chai asks: Do most Koreans who have nice skin go to dermatologistsé Or do they just have naturally nice skiné And how far does skin whitening goé TLDR please Okay, I've got something to say before we start here S Right off the getgo. Okay a lot of people say things, like they'll see kpop stars in magazines and they're like, 'Oh my god~ their skin is so perfect!' Guys, listen, celebrities around the world, they wear lots of makeup, they have photoshop So do not be fooled. So our focus today is not gonna be on people who have their own personal makeup artist to cover up all their pimples We're gonna be talking about what does the average Korean person do.

And what we have noticed is that the average Korean does seem to have rather nice skin We're not talking about people who are like really young, we're talking about people who are young and getting older, like 40s 50s 60s. Do you remember some of our coteachersé I remember your coteacher, you had one of them who said she was like in her mid forties and I'm like, 'You, shut your mouth, you just graduated from high school! There's no way you're in your 40s.' I mean, her skin was amazing and she was just like, 'Oh, I didn't work at it, I didn't do anything.' and she flips her hair all the time and just floats everywhere, and, Screw you!

Okay, so in Korea a lot of people do visit the dermatologist. My idea of the dermatologist in Canada was that you only went if you had skin issues. Like if you had major acne, or if you had like moles or something along those lines, like major ones that you had to get fixed Did you have acne when you were growing upé Oh I had terrible skin when I was growing up. M Did you visit a dermatologisté Yeah. And they're like, 'I dunno, walk it off.' Jerk. But now they have treatments for it, but back in my day I suffered. Oh no. I've never been to a dermatologist before.

No, that's not what I'm saying! I have a mole so I have to keep an eye on it but I don't really know people who went to a dermatologist all the time. But in Korea, its part of your normal kind of schedule to see a dermatologist Yeah, and going to a dermatologist here isn't only for having really bad skin issues, but just for like, regular skin treatments. Mhm, yeah, so like even Suzy has a dermatologist. S Right. And it's so funny, 'cause we asked Suzy, 'Suzy do you know anyone who has a dermatologist in Koreaé' She's like, 'Yeah. All my friends. And me.' and I'm like, 'Whaté'

So she says she goes to the dermatologist to actually pop blackheads or pimples Yeah, they'll go there and just like totally get rid of everything you have M They'll professionally do it for you. She said likeS Professional pimple popper, that's what I wanna be when I grow up mom! Pick me~ Martina always picks at my face. I'm like, I'm like a monkey grooming my husband. S I wake up in the middle of the night with her being like, 'I can get this' So things like getting skin peeling or new facial or popping your pimples or even doing like whitening treatments all that kind of stuff is very normal for the dermatologist. We do want to clarify what we mean by whitening though because it has a totally different connotation here that what you might be thinking.

Okay, so a lot of skin products in Korea, and a lot of masks and stuff will say things like, 'This mask is whitening!' or, 'This skin cream is whitening.' and people who are visiting here will misinterpret that and think that Korean people are trying to bleach their skin or you know likeS They're not trying to more Caucasian with this. This isn't Caucasianifying cream. I think the word whitening is just the wrong English word. S Yeah. What they're trying to say is toning. They're trying to even out your skin tone. So for example, I actually have a green cream that I buy because when I have really rosy red patches underneath my skin I use green cream on it, and then I put bb cream on top of that because it neutralizes the look on my face.

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