Organic Harvest Skin Lightening Face Wash Review

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How to Make Organic Skin Cleanser Milk Honey in Face Cleansers

Now let's talk about the use of honey in naturalfacial cleansers. Honey is a natural antiseptic, and research has also found it to be a naturalantibacterial agent. Both of these properties help to fight acne. As we talked about before,acne is created or caused by bacteria. And honey is also used in open wounds. Many peopleuse this instead of using the commercial creams because of the antiseptic and antibacterialproperties. Honey can be moisturizing, soothing, and softening, and the sugar in honey alsohelps to gently exfoliate to remove some of the dead skin. Honey can be an allergento some people but you can reduced this allergic reaction by buying organic, local honey. Thereason for this is that you are already used

to the local pollens in the air, and the beesuse those to create the honey. Now let's talk about the use of milk in facial cleansers.Milk can be very softening and soothing. It's also very hydrating. The vitamins A and Dthat can be found in milk are good for you complexion. In fact, Cleopatra was known tosoak in milk baths to help her complexion. Instead of using cows milk, you can use soymilk as well. Soy milk is rich in vitamins and proteins that are known to stimulate circulation.Soy milk also has the natural estrogens that can be very, very good for your complexion.Milk can be an allergen for some people, so make sure that you feel comfortable usingmilk in your recipes.

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