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Rice Water for Skin Whitening Naturally

rice water for skin whitening brightspot free complexion naturally use rice water is skin toner and see the magicyou'll have a bright spot free complexion naturally why rice water ricewater is a rich source of vitamins b c and d aside from several essentialminerals and amino acids making it a natural beauty health promotingingredient how do you get rice water rice water isthe blurry whitewater you get from soaking rice in water for some time forthe residual starchy water from boiling rice rice water has been used by asianwomen both in concentrated and fermented

form to derive desired results or evenby diluting it either way it is a readytouse beauty product which lendsitself to skin and hair care very well why lemon juice lemon juice is rich invitamin C and acts as a natural cleanser and bleach here's how you can make thisnatural skin toner at home ingredients one cup rice water 3 tablespoons lemonjuice method of preparation take a handful of rice and soak it in a cup ofwarm water overnight first thing in the morning strain the water and a clean bowl add toit the juice of freshly squeezed lemon

blend it well now refrigerate thissolution for about an hour who our it out in a clean air tight bottle you caneasily use this natural toner for about one week to ten days further on diffakan ball in the rice water mix and cleanse your face thoroughly the dirtand the ground from the day will come out with this and the ph balance of yourface will also be maintained this skin toner controls excessive oil secretionby the skin and will keep the skin tone even well naturally tightening yourpores and boosting skin elasticity in just a few weeks the dark spots andblemishes on your skin will fade away

you won't need any shopbot Turner are sure once you start using this in just acouple of weeks your skin will be a tonne lighter and without sponson starsshare it if you find this natural recipe useful thank you for watching the tutorial pleasesubscribe my channel for more health updates.

DermTV How to Treat Facial Redness and Red Blotches DermTV Epi 50

Hello, I'm Neal Schultz pause and welcome to DermTV. People with red blotches or broken blood vesselson their face are frustrated by their inability to find effectiveskin care products to help them with their problem. Here are the treatmentchoices: First and easiest is makeup. Green tintedfoundation most effectively helps hide the red because green is oppositered in the color wheel (i.e.,

they neutralize each other). Second are caffeinecontaining products thatare advertised to help reduce the size of blood vessels. If you constrictthe blood vessels you will squeeze some blood out and there will be lessred in the skin. The reality, though, is caffeine containing products usuallywork better to relieve the signs of Rosacea because of their antiinflammatorypowers than they do to really get the red out of your skin. Next are topical cortisone products whichconstrict the blood vessels very

well and get the red out very effectively.However, the problem is you can not use them on an ongoing basis. If youuse them for too long after they have temporarily helped the redness, theywill actually break the capillaries, cause more redness and thin theskin. So this isn't an option. Lastly and the only thing that really worksis laser treatments. Laser treatments by your dermatologist will permanently,easily, and without pain get rid of the red whether it's blotches orbroken blood vessels. Hopefully in the near future an effectiveskin care product will be

developed to reduce the red in your skin butuntil then you are either going to use makeup to cover it or have lasertreatments to remove it permanently.

Niacinamide for the Skin A E Skin Encino CA 8188351833

Niacinamide is a vitamin B3 analog that isfound in many food such as meat, milk, and vegetables. It is structurally similar toniacin, but does not have the same effects such as flushing of the skin. Niacinamidehas many beneficial effects on the skin which is why it is found in many skin care products. As an antiinflammatory agent it decreases redness and calms the skin in conditions such as acne and rosacea, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin. Niacinamide alsoplays a role in correcting discoloration, which helps those with melasma or discolorationcaused by sun exposure.

It also stimulates blood flow to the skin and production of ceramideswhich provide hydration to the skin. This leads to improved moisturization of the skin, which naturally decreases with age. It also leads to improvement in fine lines and wrinkles. With all of these beneficial effects, it is no wonder why niacinamide is found in so manyproducts ranging from prescriptionstrength products to antiaging creams to overthecountermoisturizers and sunscreens.

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