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I look more and more horrible~ lol ! Next will be the expensive products show down! lol APRIL SKIN Magic Snow Cream vs. MILKY DRESS The White Platinum. I wonder what these are like. This is Magic Snow and this is Milky Dress. Once again, I'll do the half half application. Milky Dress.wait, this is Milky Dress , and this is Magic Snow Cream. lt; Magic Snow Cream is hydrating runny so you only need a tiny amount for whitening effectgt;

Oh~~~ lt;Milky Dress is VERY runny and becomes oily after a whilegt; So I've just tried these on, and as you could see, these are almost as hydrating and liquidy as essence. and as you could see, these are almost as hydrating and liquidy as essence. So you only need tiny amount to cover the whole face, but becomes very oily after a while. It might work differently on others, but it looked too oily on my skin. You know those very oily whitening creamsé That's what those two reminded me of.

You can also use this Milky Dress on your body, and I actually prefer it that way. It's hard to apply a thick product all over your body, but it's just like … It's extremely runny, so you can cover the whole area with a small amount. So it's good when you use it on the body. But if you put too much on the face, it might get on to your hair while you are rubbing it in. So I wasn't very happy about that. And the price wasn't as competitive either. Next is the one I saw on the ad, not as much as Magic Snow and Milky Dress , but still quite a few times.

DERMA HOUSE Melastop Speed Whitening Cream and W.LAB White Holic Quick Whitening Cream. I wonder what these are like. Let me put it on. Half half again~ Once again, just like Milky Dress and Magic Snow Cream, these are very hydrating and you only need small amount. White Holic was slightly more hydrating and richer. So I would recommend this, or this for dry skin. This one was slightly oily as well.

People with dry skin would be ok with these. But people with oily skin might get very oily after a while. I thought this might be too rich for oily skin. Hmm~ These two are just standard whitening creams. Just standard and average. Hydrating, covers quite evenly .hmmm It's just an average product. Just a very very very very average product.

Next is … Bam~ IT'S SKIN Secret Solution Wedding Dress Cream and SKINFOOD Premium Tomato Face Milky Pack. Wait, Milky Face Pack. yeah. Before I start reviewing whitening creams, I used to use this one a lot. This is a washoff type product. You put it on and if you want to be a bit paler, You put on another layer and let it absorb, or lightly wash it off with water.

How to Use a Derma Roller for Acne Scars Micro Needling

Hello everyone. So today I am going to show you how I use and disinfect my derma roller. Let me start by showing you the threedifferent rollers I have at the moment. The first one is the 192 needle roller With needle length of 0.25 millimetres you can hardly see the needles that'show small they are I've had this one for about two yearsnow but I have only used it about 2 to 3 times because I have just been lazy really

the second one is the 0.5 millimetre needle length you can now see the needles I bought this one a few days ago because iwanted to start using a dermaroller again and they say you really do need to use at least the 0.5 millimeter needle length to see goodresults the third one is the 180 needle roller,with 0.5 millimetre needle length as well but for some reason the needles looklonger than

the previous one i'm going to start by disinfecting therollers using surgical spirit i got this one from boots but you canget it from any pharmacy or drug store i pour it in a small container and then dip the roller heads in there for ten minutes i'll only be using the 0.5 mm rollers today i'll be using it all over my face but concentrating mainly on the scars i have from picking my spots disgusting i know

and also enlarged pores on an around my nose for those of you who don't know dermaroller works by prickling your skin and tricking the skin to renew skin cells, and repair automatically so let's begin the roller comes with a little diagramand instructions on how to use it make sure you wash your face and handsproperly before doing this

you start on a small section on your face,roll a few times in each direction horizontally, vertically and diagonally each time you change direction you have to make sure you lift the roller off your skin to avoid scratching once again you're tricking your skininto repairing itself they say the rollers are really good to get rid of blemishes, scars left by acne, stretch marks marks and also that it strengthens the top layer of your skin, which causes

less wrinkles and fine lines if you have active acne on your skin, youcannot use this, you'll just end up spreading it all over your face which is not good and not helping you at all as you can see i'm taking small sectionsand doing the same thing all over my face bit by bit i'm concentrating mainly on the problemareas where i know i have more scars and

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