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How to Brighten Dull Skin Sephora

Is your skin having a dull momenté Thegood news is, you can use color correcting products to brighten dull and lifelessskin to luminous results. Whether you deal with these issues on a daily basis or are just feeling under the weather these color correcting products can reallybrighten up lackluster skin. Hi there, I'm Helen with Sephora PRO and in this tutorial I'm going to teach you how to brighten up your skin using color correcting products and special techniques. You may have seen pink, lavender or really bright coral colors whileshopping at Sephora and wonder who they're for these products are really great toneutralize any sort of dullness to the skin.

Let's get started. You can get brightening effects before makeup with skincare. Be sure to look for ingredients like vitamin C or alpha and beta hydroxy acids. These are really great to brighten up the skin. I have with me my beautiful modelAdriana and she was telling me how she suffers from sort of lackluster skinso I'll teach you how to color correct using lavender tones. It's important toknow whether or not your skin looks as vibrant as it should. If you have a little bit of a grey cast to your skin or a little bit of yellow, these are signs that maybe you need to use brigtening products. For my model Adriana, she suffers from sallow or yellow skin

so we're going to use a lavender colorcorrector to really brighten her up. Brightening color corrector shades vary across the color spectrum. The right color for you is based on your skin tone. If you have fair skin and experience sallowness, go for a pink tone. Light to medium tone skin witha subtle sallowness would really brighten up with a lavender shade corrector.Deep skin tones should play around with either an apricot or orange melon color.There are really two ways to brighten. You can put on a color corrector before you put on your foundation or you can put on your foundation and then layer abrightening powder over top.

To really turn up the radiance, you caneven combine both techniques. Just make sure you're using sheer amounts of both products. I'm going to use both techniques on Adriana and use a lavender shade because her skin is medium toned with some sallowness. Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette in 2 is the perfect choice for this kind of concern because it has this lavender shade. I'm applying it with the Sephora Collection PRO foundation brush 56 I really love this product because it has buildable coverage and it also comes with these concealers so you can really customize it to your look.

Apply the formula in even sheer layersand then follow up with a medium coverage foundation with a natural looking finish. I'm using the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Santa Fe. I'm using the Laura Mercier setting powder to set the foundation and then putting on the Besame Brightening Violet Powder to color correct. I'm using the Sephora Collection PRO Precision Powder Brush 59 for both. I'm all finished. Are you ready for the big revealé All right, take a look. Wow, it looks so much better, it's a lot more brighter. Thank you so much. Thanks for watching. If you still have questions about color correcting

be sure to ask them in the comments below or go to your local Sephora where you can get a free 15 minute Correct Conceal mini makeover. And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel where we have new tutorials every week.

How to Find Your Best Eyebrow Color Sephora

Finding your perfect brow shade can be pretty tricky especially since there's more productsto choose from than ever before. The secret to choosing the right browcolor for blonde, brunette, auburn, or black hair is really to look at the undertones ofyour skin and the highlights and lowlights in your hair. Hey there. Jeffrey here from Sephora Pro and I'm here to offer you some tips and tricks on finding the perfectbrow shade.

As a general rule, if you have darker hair your brow should be one to two shades lighter than your natural hair color. If you have lighter hair, your brows should be one to two shades darker. If you have blonde hair try to find the lowlights of your hair. That's going to be the best brow color for you. Always take a look at the nape of your neck that's where you'll find where thesun least hits your hair and where the hair grows naturally dark.

I'm gonna start with a warmer browcolor. You do have some warm tones and some cooler tones in your hair sowe definitely want to represent that in your brow. I'm going to use a tinted brow gel just to bring that hair out and sit ontop of the color a little bit better. If you have brown hair, it's a good ideato opt for one to two shades lighter than your hair color. We really want look at the highlights of your hair. You can typically find those around the part, around the crown the hairs a little bit lighter you'll beable to see it better.

We're gonna start with a powder I'm going to choose the lighter shade of the two brow colors to kind of map out where I want to build the brow. This is a micro pencil. It's kind of a red tone and that red is going to play really nicely with your beautiful green eyes. There you go. Now again, because you have darker hair, we're opting for a lighter tone in the brow because it's going to offer balance to your naturally dark hair.

If you have red hair, it's probably notthe best idea to use a true red color. You might opt for something that's a little bit richer or has some brown undertone. If you're a true red, like Bryn you might opt for something thathas a brown base but definitely something with richertones. I'm going to start by mapping the brow out with a soft pencil. Note how light my pressure is. I'm going to use a caramel toned brow pommade with a spoolie

because what we're going to do is lift and deposit the product onto the hair. So now that we have a lot of definition, let's set if off against the skin by using a highlighting pencil. Notice I'm using a tone that's really neutral something that really marries into her skin really well. And there you have it. A beautiful red toned brow for her beautiful red hair. If you have black hair, your brow color really depends on your skin tone. So if you're on the fairer side, we're looking for something that's kind of graybrown, something on the taupier side.

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