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Natural Skin Whitening Treatments Best Solution for Dark Spots Remover

Natural skin whitening treatments bestsolution for dark spots remover everyone wants a beautiful and healthyskin will glow all day long yet most of the times the skin betrayedus leaving everyone to see our age as well as the hardships we had to face along the time the skin tells everyone if there is anydisease hidden inside or if the body is just not functioning right at the scene with skin is the first lineof defense against external factors thus bruises crashes are sunburns appear moreor less often on it

this is why it is highly important toknow how we can take care of our skin sitting remains fresh clean and healthyall the time there are many chemical productsclaiming to successfully manage to keep the skin and good condition regardlessof the external or internal factors which may influence the way the skinlooks while this may be true these productsare either too expensive or have some hidden side effects which may furtherdamage the layers of skin the only products which are capable ofoffering great treatment and protection

for the skin are the products made homefrom natural products dark skin and brown spots have alwaysbeen a problem for a large share of the population no matter of the color of the skin thesespots are anesthetic and can really damage one's selfesteem this is why they must be removed in aneffective manner without affecting the layers of skin or causing any sideeffects while the laser technology and thebleaching creams maybe some alternatives

which can be taken into considerationthe natural recipes made with natural ingredients in your own home we're byfar the best solution for a spotless and radiance skin apart from being sure that these creamsor products are fresh because you make them all by yourself you can also besure that they do not have any preservatives tolerance or perfumeswhich may cause allergies are side effects also because you know the ingredientsyou mix in the recipes you can be sure

that there is no substance to which youare allergic so that you will not further damage your skin last but not least the power of thesenatural ingredients in finding the dark spots and patches is quite great so thatthere are great chances that you get rid of brown spots in no more than a fewweeks.

How to Make LGlutathione Soap Step by Step

This is my first ever tutorial to upload toYouTube and I am making quot;Glutathione Soap.quot; These are my ingredients, I am actually using my 5 oils combination to make this soap. And of course I do have Glutathione Powder. Fragrance, Sodium Hydroxide or lye.I use distilled water. And I added Papaya extract, I actually did mention, I mean didn't show it here that I used titanium dioxide. And also I'm showing it here that what is inside the cap, the capsule inside the cap is coming from its bottle that I bought from Vitaminshoppe. And specifically I choose LGlutathione. and yeah I bought this bottle for around $37.00 from a Vitaminshoppe. And I think they also, they'realso doing it in GNC, ok yes and I was

actually patiently removing the powder from its capsule and I think I used about 60 pieces, so it's quite difficult to remove the powder from its case so I used a knife to break the capsule, ok. by the way as I mentioned a while ago, I used LGlutathione, reduced LGlutathione I just read from the internet that there are two types of Glutathione. one is oxide Glutathione, I am sorry aboutthat not really focusing on the other Glutathione and this one is reduce LGlutathione, ok, bear with me, with that kind of information, you can actually read from the internet, alright, I was showing in here

that this powder is coming from the bottle , from its capsule, this is actually very fine, white, very pure and look at the case, capsule case, alright. So I am going to incorporate this to my soap butter. That is why I called thissoap as quot;Glutathione Soapquot;. In this part, I am pouring sodium hydroxide plus water in to my 4 oils by the way. I mentioned awhile ago that I have 5 oils. I just mix 4 oils, what about the other one, Iwill add it later, ok that's some quite a technique in there, that is why I separated the other oil, one of the oils, ok. Yes, don't forget, you have to mix or combine Sodium Hydroxide orLye or some people called it Caustic Soda plus water, ok

and then set it in a good temperature same as your oil, alright so I'm trying to mix the combination of Sodium Hydroxide plus water and oils, I am using now electric hand mixer, ok. I actually recommend you to invest to buyelectric hand mixer, it's quite easy to mix your soap butter. alright, this is what I am telling you, that I separated one of the oils which is the Shea Butter, ok, I just pour it along with the other 4 oils what I am trying to achieve in here is I wanted a medium trace, and why medium trace, that is just my preference to have a medium trace some soapmakers they want a thick trace, ok.

but for me I want a medium trace, and I am still trying to mix altogether the oils, sodium hydroxide and water, ok See that cup, I actually have lots of Glutathione powder in that cup, more than or about 30 pieces of capsule incorporating it now into my soap butter. dilute it and mix it well, okay and yeah it'seither way if you wanted Papaya Extract first then later on the Glutathione powder, it is to your preference but in this tutorial I added the Glutathione powder first and mix it well. So I haven't get good trace in this partand yeah, what else to say ééééé This is my first try to make Glutathione soap. Glutathione soap was in demand in the market

nowadays, this is good for skinlightening, skin whitening, ok. I think the internet has a lot more information about the use of Glutathione powder, ok. Now, I am incorporating my Papaya extract. As you know, Papaya extract is also good for skin whitening. So I combine Papaya extract and Glutathione powder. I think everybody knows already that using Papaya is also good for skin whitening. Did I already mentioned. And actually Papaya will color my soap butter in to orange that is the natural color of Papaya and of course, I used ripe Papaya some people use the green Papaya but I can't find green Papaya in the store so

How to Make Papaya Soap with Aloe Vera Step by Step

I am making a Papaya soap . These are my ingredients. I used six oils, fragrance oil, sodium lactate to harden the soap Then of course, the sodium hydroxide (lye) I added Aloe Vera liquid Distilled water Natural coloring of Rose Clay Papaya Extract

I am showing it here that I am adding my 5 oils. Mix the oils. Then I will pour the last oil which is the shea butter. The other oil which I poured last is the Shea Butter. I really wanted to make Papaya soap for a long time because of its skin whitening ability. I added Sodium lactate into my other liquid (Lye+Water+Aloe Vera) It is very important to have exact calculation of Sodium Hydroxide. It is good to invest buying electric hand mixer because it is easy to mix the soap butter. This is the portion where I pour my last oil, the Shea Butter.

In my observation at , very few people are making Papaya soap step by step because they feel their ingredients suppose to be secret. If you are adding Papaya, you have to blend the Papaya well. Use electric blender. Look at my soap butter, it turns to orange because of Papaya extract that I added. I want my Papaya soap to look like Rose Clay. Most people who make Papaya soap, their soap has orange or yellow color. I added Rose Clay to have different color. Mix the Rose Clay powder well.

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