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Hello, I'm Neal Schultz pause And welcome to DermTV. Darkening of the upper lip is more often aproblem for women than men. And obviously it's moretroublesome to women because it can look like a mustache! But today,I'm only going to talk about actual darkening of the upperlip skin,

not hair, which is a different topic. So, this darkening often looks like a horizontaltan or brown band across most of the upper lip, and it usuallydoesn't touch the lip line. As a result, there's a very thin strip ofnormal colored skin between the actual lip line and the dark appearingband. And this thin normal colored strip actuallymakes the band look darker because of the contrast of it'snormal color with the darker area.

The darkening is made up of hues of two differentcolors… Tan to brown hues from excess melanin pigment, and red to purple hues from tiny enlargedblood vessels. Usually, the tan browns are more prominentthan the red purples. The excess melanin causing the tan brownsis caused by unprotected ultraviolet exposure of the affectedskin. But, the reason it appears there and not elsewhereis because those skin cells were abnormally sensitized

by normal female hormones, estrogen, to make excessive melanin pigment in response to UVdamage. The estrogens can be from birth control pills, current or prior pregnancies, or just normallevels of estrogens. It's almost like a localized form of melasmaor cloasma. And as a point of interest, we don't knowwhy those cells become so exquisitely susceptible to making extra melanin pigment.

Unprotected UV exposure and subsequent UVdamage also causes the tiny enlarged blood vessels that are responsible for the subtle red topurple hues… but again, it's a mystery why they occur just in that band distribution. The treatment of the tan browns is the sameas treating chloasma. Use strict sun protection with chemfree sunscreens, topical depigmentingbleaches

and gentle chemical exfoliants. The red purplescan only be fixed by laser treatments that remove the enlargedblood vessels. Unfortunately, there still are no topicalproducts that safely and effectively treat enlarged or broken bloodvessels. So while there is a way to treat dark upperlip skin, just remember, it got that way in the firstplace because it was so sensitive, and as a result, all of the treatments I've mentioned haveto be very gentle.

Can Hydrogen Peroxide Bleach or Lighten Black Dark Skin

Hi guys! This is Eva from Bay Harbour MedSpa and uh, here is another question that some uh people that are black ask me and theywanted to know whether they can use benzoyl peroxide or hydrogen peroxide to bleach theirskin. Guys, I honestly don't know why people think that it is okay to put information onthe internet just for the sake of having their name out there but giving totally wrong information.Don't people have any conscious. Don't people really think that there is karma, and thatwhen you post outside harmful information for another group of people, it will cometo bite you in your tush one day. It will come back to you. Don't people understandin that cause and effect you know, what you

put out eventually comes back to you. Whypeople it's mind boggling why are so many stupid ignorant arrogant evil people out therethat put this information out just for the sake of either making a buck or putting theirname out and it has absolutely no validity to it, and it's dangerous and it's bad, soto all my black followers and all my black listeners in the world, please, do not attemptto bleach your skin. With hydrogen peroxide, or any peroxide for that sake. Do not, thereason you don't want to use it particularly people of color is because you have no controlwhen you take hydrogen peroxide and you already know that hydrogen peroxide if you put iton the hair it will lighten your hair. And

you think that you can do the same thing withyour skin. Well, the big difference is that when you applied on black or brown or darkpigmented skin, the hydrogen peroxide will not even out your skin and make it a shadeor two lighter, so even if you take the whole peroxide and put it all over your face, itwon't do it. It will only affect the part of the skin that has possibly some woundsin it, some scrapes, something where the hydrogen can interrupt with whatever is in the poreor on the skin, and it will actually discolor your skin in the sense that it will make itblotchy, because let's say you are a guy and you shave and you shaved and you cut yourselfa little bit here and a little bit here and

so there's a little wound there, you mightnot even see it, and then you take peroxide, hydrogen peroxide and you put it all overyour skin. And then you take it off you wash your face off and suddenly a day or two later,you will see, oh my god, what happened. I have the much lighter dots. Where your discolorationbecause the peroxide acted not on your whole skin, it only can act and interact where thereis a wound, where there is a matter where the hydrogen peroxide comes in connectionwith cells and it destroys the bacteria of it, it destroys and kills whatever it comeswith contact but those are living cells. Not dead top epidermis, and by doing that action,it actually kills it and lightens the area

that it worked on. So you would actually discoloryour skin, not that you would make it darker, it is because you would become blotchy andyou would have spots that are lighter and then the rest of the face would be your skincolor and sometimes if you leave it too long, the peroxide, the hydrogen peroxide makesit lighter but then on the edges can burn the skin and by burning it it makes it darker.So I ask of you, I implore all of you out there who have dark pigmented skin, who areblack, who are Indian, Pakistani, Arab, Mediterranean. Do not attempt to use hydrogen peroxide orany formula that has peroxide in it to lighten your skin because you will regret it. Andit will take a very long time for you to reverse

the damage. Hydrogen peroxide is not to bleachyour skin. Hydrogen peroxide is not to bleach and lighten the pigment of your skin. Do youunderstand thaté If you have dark or black skin that is your skin, if you are lookingto lighten discoloration that you have from shaving or from ingrown hair or from scarsor from pimples for god sake, don't go for this charlatan information websites that areout there. If you absolutely want to lighten it, go with something safe. I made a formulawhich is a Mandelic Acid, you can go to my website, you can read about it, you can researchit, I made Mandelic Acid specifically formulated for dark or pigmented skin, Middle Eastern,Arabic, Mediterranean, Black, Pakistani, Hispanic,

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